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Automotive Detailing Car & Truck Detailing Service


Pricing buttonDid you just buy a new or used vehicle?  Few people realize how many hands touch their vehicle before it leaves the lot.  You can’t always remove handprints and swirls, by cleaning your vehicle in your driveway.  Automotive detailing goes beyond washing your car in the driveway. 

Automotive detailing removes old and stubborn stains in and on your vehicle.  Automotive detailing saves you time and energy.  You’re left to do other things while automotive detailing experts do it for you.

  • - Saves you time and energy
  • - Removes handprints and swirls
  • - Gives your vehicle a deeper clean
  • - Removes dust mites and dirt
  • - Protects carpets and seating upholstery
  • - Leaves a clean and fresh smell


Automotive Detailing Service

Automotive-Detailing-ServiceBring your vehicle in for automotive detailing service.  Metal Magic provides affordable and high quality automotive detailing service.  We use carpet extractors and shampooers to remove stubborn dirt, stains and gum splotches. 

Our automotive service includes detailing your seats and headliners.  With our automotive service we’ll buff out nagging swirls on your vehicle body.  Visit Metal Magic for our complete automotive detailing service.  We’ll turn your vehicle into “vehicle eye candy” for everyone to see.

  • - Stain and dye removal
  • - Removes dirt and tough spots
  • - Carpet extractors and shampooers
  • - Redye carpets, seats and headliners
  • - Exterior webbing removal for buffing out your vehicle
  • - Buff out swirls leaving a uniform shine


Get the “metal makeover” you need at Metal Magic.  Contact us today for the best in paintless dent repair.