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Scratch Repair Vinyl Scratch Repair Metal Scratch Repair


Tacoma-Scratch-RepairScratches on your vehicle are caused for many reasons.  Scratches can be caused by people walking by with keys.  Other causes of scratches include bike handles and shopping carts hitting your vehicle. 

Scratches can grow over time and expose vehicle metal.  Exposed vehicle metal can rust.  Metal Magic will remove vehicle scratches with scratch repair.  We’ll remove vehicle scratches and make the damaged area look like new.  Say goodbye to unattractive scratches you don’t need.

At Metal Magic we’ll quickly repair scratches to your vehicles finish.  We use scratch repair to buff out any ugly scratches. Repainting with scratch repair takes 3 days.  This insures we get the job done right. 

Automotive-Detailing-ServiceScratch repair can be done for the inside and outside of your vehicle.  Don’t attempt scratch repair with store-bought kits.  Get thorough and effective scratch repair from Metal Magic.

  • - Interior and exterior scratch repair
  • - Vinyl scratch repair
  • - Metal scratch repair
  • - Plastic scratch repair
  • - Cars, vans and trucks
  • - Repainting services for scratches
  • - Bumpers, dashboards, seats and more


Get the “metal makeover” you need at Metal Magic.  Contact us today for the best in paintless dent repair.