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Wheel Repair Fircrest

wheel-repair-fircrest-waAre you looking for top-quality wheel repair and wheel refinishing services in the Fircrest, WA area? If yes, you are at the right place. Metal Magic is a one-stop shop for wheel repair, wheel refinishing and car rim repair.

We have the same high-tech equipment that is used by car manufacturers in the factory. Dedicated workers employed by our company meticulously inspect wheels and do the necessary to ensure your car wheels are perfect.

Once all the inspection is complete, we weld the missing parts and shape the wheels to their original look. We brilliantly repair, polish and protect your wheel with our best and affordable wheel repair services. You can also repaint your wheels and opt for our car rim repair.

We can repaint your car wheels and rims either black, gray or gun metal color. At our wheel repair center, Fircrest residents can get the following services:

  • -Wheel straightening and alignment
  • -Curb damage repair
  • -Wheel repainting
  • -Cracked and bent wheel restoration

Wheel Refinishing Fircrest

wheel-refinishing-fircrest-waIf your car wheels and rims look old due to ugly cracks, scratches and have paint that has come off then bring them to our center, and we will provide you same day service wheel refinishing. Our wheel refreshing service is affordable, and it will provide a new look to your car.

We can provide the best wheel refinishing for Fircrest vehicle quickly. Your safety is our priority. If we find any serious issue with your wheels which cannot be repaired we will advise you. We will never compromise your safety.

Our wheel repair and car rim repair will bring you following advantages:

  • -Brand new look at reasonable pricing
  • -Dedicated technicians always ready to help
  • -Same day service
  • -Use of high tech equipment

Fircrest Car Rim Repair

car-rim-repair-fircrest-waWheel vibrations can cause serious damage to the steering and suspension system of your vehicle. Damaged wheels can also cause your tires to not hold proper air pressure.

We bring bent wheels back to their original condition. Our car rim repair services are extraordinary, and we only deliver the best car rim repair services to Fircrest residents. Our car rim repair service is unmatched and affordable.

Contact us for:

  • -Cracked rim repair
  • -Damaged or bent rim repair
  • -Wheel straightening
  • -Alloy wheel repair

If you are looking for professional wheel refinishing and wheel repair services for your Fircrest vehicle, call Metal Magic at (253) 472-2535.